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The Front Desk

Group status: CLOSED
Please do not send in applications at this time.

Next Application Week: Undetermined


FAQ and Rule Book
((Please start here! These hold very important information!))

Chatroom and Alternate-Universe Chatroom
You can find most students and teachers wandering around the chatroom on Friday and Saturday nights, and occasionally on weeknights. If you'd like to organize a group chat at any other time, note a mod and we'll put a notice up here!

The furniture for Dormitory Lane was a gift to the students from Remara, as described here. So, thank you, Remara, for providing for your friends what the school faculty could not afford to!

1. Thou shalt be respectful to everyone. Trolls are not welcome here.

2. Thou shalt listen to thy moderators. They were hand chosen for their positions and are here to help you as well as manage the goings-on within the group.

3. Thou shalt keep thy deviations and comments related to the group.

4. Thou shalt not lie to thy moderator about things within or outside of thy scene.

See the complete Rule Book for the Chat Rules and more information.

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We are happy to affiliate with other roleplay-related groups, and are willing to advertise affiliate-group open periods if they agree to do similarly for us. Please simply note our Founder if you wish to set up that kind of relationship.

would you like to see something... strange?

:bulletorange: UPDATE :bulletorange:

Due to schedule conflicts and a few unfinished scenes, the Halloween Event will be extending into November!  If there are any scenes you are dying to see, make sure to let us know!  Don't worry, we'll turn your little humans back into beasties... eventually~

:heart: Autumn-Equinox

It was a dark and stormy night on the grounds of Outcast Academy…

    No, that isn’t right at all, although that is the way these things usually go.  Truth be told, it’s a clear and bright, mid October night.  Decorations for the upcoming holiday have been strewn about campus, and more than one pumpkin sits in a doorway.  The waning moon hangs proudly in the velvet sky, with diamond stars casting a silver glow over school grounds and the forest beyond.  

It’s so late, it’s actually quite early, and most of the inhabitants of the secretive little school are stashed away safely in their beds.  Most

One window is still brightly lit, a little beacon of flickering light from the second story window of the Magic classroom.  Alexander, Firebird and magician extraordinaire, has found himself quite unable to sleep.  

It isn’t the first night this has happened, or even the second.  Three nights the Magic Professor has been plagued by… unfortunate thoughts; haunting his steps and making him odder in his daily classes, if it’s even possible.  Forgotten homework waved off, assignments given with only a little thought- to be entirely honest, he has no idea what his students are even supposed to be turning in, come morning class.

It’s neither here nor there, he decides, and scrubs at his eyes blearily as he turns another page in the creaky old tome at his side.  Sleep hasn’t come easy, but the potion bubbling in the large, copper cauldron at his feet won’t wait for anyone, sleep deprived or no.  

He’s been brewing it for weeks now- potions measured and ingredients added with the utmost care.  If he’s correct in his calculations –he most certainly is- then this particular concoction will be a breakthrough the likes of which the magical society has never seen.  He can present it to the more advanced class tomorrow, explain just what he’s done and why it’s worked- it’s worked because it’s him, of course.  Yes, he can tell his students all about it, and then complete his research papers and begin practicing the lectures he’ll surely be asked to give.

Another dark thought crosses his mind and he hisses, pulling away from the cauldron with a jerk.  No time for that now, not when he can be focusing on this.  

For all his ostentatious robes give him a lovely and scholarly image, they are draped over the back of a student’s chair for now, allowing easier movement around the cauldron in simple, modern clothes without the worry of any material dragging through the glowing liquid.  Too bad he forgot to check the laces of his sneakers.  

He crosses to the shelves, fingers tapping at the air and giving a little ‘ah!’ as he finds the correct jar.  Yes, this will be the last of ingredients- his own feathers, crushed to a fine, shimmering gold.  Starlight and bezoar, plantain and bloodroot... the dozens of ingredients run through his head as he plucks the jar from its resting spot.  Just what he needs!  Spinning back to the cauldron, he quite misses the undone lace of his shoe, takes a step, and-


Alex pitches forward, tumbling towards the cauldron in a chaotic jumble of limbs, barely managing to keep from splashing straight into the bubbling liquid.  Instead, he simply bumps it, which wouldn’t have been a problem if it hadn’t wobbled, shook… and with a terrible THWUMP, spilled straight onto the wooden floor.  

“Oh no, oh no-!”  

He can fix this, he can-!  He spins, searching frantically for a new vessel to scoop up the precious liquid, and in his flailing movements, his bony elbow catches a bottle on the shelf.  There’s no wobble or thwump this time- just a choked screech from the bird as the bottle falls -any one but that-!- straight into the glowing, viscous mess.  There’s a sharp crack and a hiss as the bottle breaks, and the poisonously green liquid inside escapes.

The result is instant- a plume of gold escapes into the air, followed by a second and a third, until the glowing, golden mist is billowing from the swirling mess at his feet.  It tumbles past desks and chairs, breaks against walls like slow moving waves, and inevitably, finds the door out into the hall.  “Oh no…”  Alex moans, staring at the disaster with wide eyes.  He’s shocked into action when the mist rises, creeping through the cracks of the windows and out into the night beyond.

Spindly fingers scrabble for jars and bottles, clumps of dried who-knows-what and powdered this-or-that, but before he can begin to remedy the situation, there’s a silent, shockwave of a booom-! that knocks him from his feet, and straight into the glowing puddle.  Oh, this is going to be such a mess to try and get out.  It’s even glowing, but that’s no matter, because he glows, too.  

Except… he isn’t.  

Not a glimmer or a shine.  For a horrified moment he stares at his hands, before grabbing a fistful of blonde hair, searching… no feathers.  Not a one.  He feels heavy, as if his bones have become solid… and it’s a moment of heavy breathing before he holds a shaky hand out and attempts… anything.  

A spark.  

A flame.  

A breeze.  

And… nothing.  No magic.  Catching the reflection of his sprawled form in the glass of a nearby cabinet, he stares at his own face.  His own, shocked, pale, human face.

“Oh.  Oooooh no.  What have I done-?


Halloween Event – WE’RE HUMAN?!

Happy Halloween, boys and ghouls!  It’s that time of year when humans come out to play as monsters, and monsters… turn human?  At least at Outcast Academy, they do!

A golden mist has crept across campus to the dorms, and all students and faculty have mysteriously turned human in their sleep!  For the month of October, all roleplay in chat will be written with characters in human form.  Have fun panicking with the rest of the students… and learning what life is like for the less magically inclined.  

Keep a lookout for memes too, because even if you’re human, what’s Halloween without a little… fun?

Some stuff to keep in mind during the event-

:bulletorange:  Due to the... fragile state of things during the event, all students will be sleeping in the ballroom, as they did for the Christmas event.  Simply put, the teachers want to keep an eye on you- who knows what could happen?
:bulletblack:  Hey… we’re human!  That means trips to the village, right?  Sure!  If your student plans on trekking down to human inhabited areas, shoot an admin in note, or find one of us in chat.  Some may send a teacher, and some may just tell the kids to leave the town in one piece.
:bulletorange: Remember- your students are breakable now!  If your student tends to be on the clumsy or reckless side, keep in mind that our resident nurse –or Magic Professor- might not have the means to heal you while human.  Proceed with Caution... or don't.

:bulletblack:  Most Importantly:  Have fun, keep calm and… PANIC. :dummy:

Happy Halloween!

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